Gettin’ Hitched

Hello all! Unless we are alien to one another on any and all social media platforms, you will know that I got super married recently — it was kind of a big deal. Rings were exchanged; a fancy picnic was consumed; one of my relatives inevitably caused themselves an injury on the bouncy castle*. What a day.

So everything else in my life has fallen somewhat to the wayside in the run up to, and wind down from, this big ol’ bash. Also, I’ve been on honeymoon in a remote Welsh village, where I am reliably informed that the internet has gone down due to the inclement weather.

Yikes. Glad we got out of there before that happened.

Anyway, this is just a catch-up post to let you know that I have a couple of recipes that I’m typing up and which will appear on the website as soon as I can get them to behave. The first of these is a caramelised onion, goat cheese and samphire tart, which kind of blew my socks off — being on the coast means free samphire and I definitely made use of the bountiful harvest.

For now, we’ve got a lot of thank you cards to write and send, a storm to weather, and some photos to send around to those friends and relatives whose computer literacy comes down to a basic understanding that the ‘on’ button must be around here somewhere

Speaking of:


I am so freaking married. Goddamn.

Best party we’ve ever thrown. And we had a Harry Potter party for my wife’s birthday party this year, so… I know what I’m talking about. I made vegan Butterbeer. It was rad.

Recipes to come, my friends. Also I may be saying ‘my wife’ a lot, because HOT DAMN.


*I’ll put my hands up here and say that I thought the main injuries would be caused by one or more of my drunken siblings trying to climb the huge tree in the pub garden. I did not factor the bouncy castle into my injury bingo.

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