When will I cook again?

Perhaps never! Who knows? Actually, I know; it’s not never, but it might not be until later this week. I’ve been a little busy…


Honestly, our house move would’ve been significantly easier if I had the relative strength of a snail (apparently they can lift 10 x their body weight vertically, whaaaat)

The dream is a reality, friends!

As you can imagine, I’ve been dining mainly on takeaway and things I can grab from the local Co-Op — not least because we don’t get a proper fridge until Friday. In the meantime I’ve stolen a dust-laden mini fridge from my mum’s house and it’s humming away in the kitchen as I desperately try to keep my dumb fancy pasta cool so that we have something other than room-temperature pizza to eat for dinner.

On the plus side, our new kitchen is MASSIVE when compared with our old one, so I’ll have more space to make complex recipes, as well as doing some videos in the future. Because what this blog really needs is some footage of me trying to cook while a cat winds around my legs in a desperate attempt to either garner attention or murder me; I’m never sure which one it is.

The cold, calculating face of an apex predator

It is my solemn promise to you all that, barring the cat actually managing to kill me, I will have made and posted at least one of the following on the blog by the end of June:

  • Vodka & cranberry cake
  • Veggie meatballs with white bean casserole
  • Veggie Coronation pasta salad
  • Potato skins & Greek-style salad

I will in fact make it my mission to test and post all four of these recipes, but with the absolute mess that is my kitchen (and my life) at the moment, no such promise can be made. FORGIVE ME.


P.S. Here is a picture of me building horrendously offensive caricatures of my siblings on the Sims 4:


P.P.S. And here’s another one of Stanley, since he’s cute as a button:


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