I fear the spring may take me…

Here is a comprehensive list of things I have eaten in the last 36 hours:

  • 1.5 bananas
  • 1 piece of toast with spread
  • 3 pieces of toast (crusts cut off) with a scraping of Philadelphia light
  • 11 Tuc biscuits
  • a handful of Maltesers
  • red grapes
  • 1/3 portion of oven fries (only the really crispy bits)
  • 1 portion of Micro Chips

I have, in other words… been unwell. There are two ways to tell I’m sick: the first is that I’m quiet for more than a minute at a time (I am a notorious loudmouth, chatterbox, and perpetual noise machine); the second is that I stop eating. I mean, I love my food. If someone were to tell me that I would never again be able to eat pizza, I would cry tears of genuine sorrow. It’s my favourite vehicle for cheese.

Lack of food aside, the other main difference between Healthy H and Dying Of The Plague H is that I do a lot more snoozin’. Interrupted snoozin’, but snoozin’ nonetheless. After a lacklustre half day of work yesterday, I collapsed on the sofa and slept for two hours. This is not something I am usually capable of doing.

(I then had Isla bring in the spare mattress so I could lie more comfortably on the floor. She is an excellent partner and absolutely not up for trade or sale)

A dangerous move. Not only are you leaving the most vulnerable part of the foot open to tickle attacks, you are also baring your tender flesh to the hordes of monsters that live under all beds. Except mine; I’ve got drawers under mine.

This was really just a post to check in. And to complain a bit more, truth be told; I can’t wait to be back up to full health and blogging about food I actually want to eat again, rather than staring sadly at my third piece of toast.

(Note: I love toast. This particular toast even had its crusts cut off, courtesy of my attentive and wonderful fiancee! However, woman cannot live on toast alone.)

I hope that none of you have fallen pray to this nefarious illness – and, if you have, I hope that you have a large loaf of bread and a bunch of bananas on hand.


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